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Don’t mistake silence 

#RECKLESSLOVE #Day #IDK#NOTCOUNTING #EMBRACING  Many will mistake silence for weakness when in fact its Strength. There are times where nothing is to be said or shared. In my time of posture with the Lord I find myself in a place of silence it's makes me brave it's makes me strong. My tears are part of … Continue reading Don’t mistake silence 

When is Enough Enough 

Day #7 RECKLESS LOVE  When is enough... Enough.. I have asked myself this question for about 19 years. Marriage is not easy. Marriage is a daily lesson. Marriage is truly two people learning how to work out there differences and each and every matter. I have found myself many times saying I'm done... enough is … Continue reading When is Enough Enough 

Healing Hurts 

Day #6 RECKLESS LOVE  When your in the process of healing and restoration you must be prepared to face much more adversary. Restoration and Healing is the one thing the Enemy does not want for you. He will use anything or anyone to try and affect the process of your healing and restoration. Be still … Continue reading Healing Hurts 


#Day5 #RECKLESSLOVE #PRIDE  So could there still be pride in me... it's a question that I asked myself yesterday. Today I have had the entire day to reflect on this. I can't possibly have pride in me Im a daughter of Christ, a minister of the word there is no's not possible never not … Continue reading Pride

Tears in a bottle 

Day #4 #RecklessLove  Have you ever found yourself crying and someone comes to you and says don't cry.... Gods plans for you are good you don't understand them now but you will eventually. That's nice to hear but at times it not what you need to hear at that moment. Crying is part of a … Continue reading Tears in a bottle 

For who’s sake 

#Recklesslove #day3  As I entered in the river this morning God came in like a rushing wind. He spoke of how there are things and people we may align ourselves with and they may even stand in a place of authority over our life's and we fear so we remain in silence. I could hear … Continue reading For who’s sake