In the River…. (Sunday recap #deeper

  After resting this afternoon I came to a point where the Lord was saying pour out amongst my people, start writing.  I truly believe sharing this with others will encourage them to go deeper and above all there faith will continue to increase.  For many it would be hard to share what I tend … Continue reading In the River…. (Sunday recap #deeper


A Note from Pastors Desk 

Today will be the first time that I release a few notes I have had on my desk “My heart”. Once called by God always called by God. You may have been called to Pastor, to teach, to evangelize, to prophetically speak or plant church’s only you and God know this for sure.  “For God’s … Continue reading A Note from Pastors Desk 


Transformation begins when you take full responsibility for your life. And acknowledge there is an agenda which is ordained by God that places a mandate upon your life. The life you are living at this moment, the body you are inhabiting, the relationship you are in, the career or job you have, and the amount … Continue reading Renew


For the past couple of months God has been speaking deeply into my spirit.  I remained silent just taking it in and accepting what He was saying.  I can say it was very hard to accept even harder to accept knowing it's the TRUTH. There are just something's you don't really want to accept.  Today … Continue reading Priorities…

40 and Fabulous 

Life can be tough but everyday is a learning experience. As we get older we take the opportunity to embrace everyday as if it's our last.  Many times we think we are in a situation that has no turn around or way out.  We must learn to pause and truly not underestimate the power that … Continue reading 40 and Fabulous 

It will happen ….

God is not afraid of our questions and He is truly not afraid of giving affirmation He will answer... He is the answer.  If God did it before God will do it again. When in doubt look back that should be the only moment you look back when doubt attempts to overcome you.  Look at … Continue reading It will happen ….