Block block block

Writer's Block, like the law as a mirror, shows me the need for a Savior. I've hurt someone by my words again. I've wounded someone by not speaking up again. No matter how hard I try, no matter how many hours I spend writing, rewriting, and editing, I can't be perfect. When I focus on … Continue reading Block block block


The enemy is defeated.

Have you ever found yourself fighting a battle that has already been won.  I do this often... I waste my energy and the enemy steals my peace. God constantly saying No... Don't listen STOP and ignore the nonsense block the darts that are being thrown in your direction.  He says it clearly "Don't give into … Continue reading The enemy is defeated.

The Outpouring

out·pour·ing noun something that streams out rapidly. Here we are the second week of 2019 and God could have not shown me more of what He has declared and decreed for this year to be. It's truly amazing to see how true in fact when you press in and believe God wholeheartedly you see the … Continue reading The Outpouring

Page 1 of 365

We welcome you 2019 with open arms. God the author of my story (your story as well). He has the pencil in His hand and He has begun to write the best story. Last seven minutes of 2018 we stood in a circle and declared into existence what we will see in 2019. Promises and … Continue reading Page 1 of 365

2018 Year of Fulfillment

Ready set go..... Set goals.... stick to them no matter the odds. Remove whatever gets in the way that try's to hinder you from accomplishing and fulfilling that goal from taking place. 2018 I was challenged to read the book Soar by TD Jakes. What can I say... as my Apostle Juan Mendez would say … Continue reading 2018 Year of Fulfillment

365th day of 2018

Farewell 2018.... you have been good to me. Never would have thought I would be saying this today. Each storm, each trial I'm grateful for. I learned so much from it. It made me stronger and greater. You are such a faithful God for my days are numbered. All the days ordained for me were … Continue reading 365th day of 2018

Vision Caster

This message has been inspired by the Holy Spirit and meant for every vision caster out there. I pray that as you read this message the Holy Spirit illuminates to you and you remain in obedience to what is being illuminated. God has chosen you to write the vision on the table for a reason. … Continue reading Vision Caster