Ask the Pastor?

Matthew 6 It's possible after this no one will ever read my blog or even invite me to there church, Oh well obedience first. I was lead by the spirit of the Lord to share this and Lord knows if He comes tomorrow I don't want to hear Him say you did all those great things … Continue reading Ask the Pastor?


Not a fan.

Based on JOHN 6:66 At this point many of his disciples turned away and deserted him.   Not a fan.   Tuesday November 7th at 7:05pm I️ encountered the Lord. I️ was standing at the altar and my tears where just rolling down my face the presence of the Lord was so tangible I️ could not … Continue reading Not a fan.

False representative…

Truly mind blown by the Spirit of the Lord. Clearly speaking into the lives of those whom chose to listen and not pretend to just let Him pass by. As I sat to receive this morning at DFC in Orlando, Fl the spirit of boldness came upon me and said you will say what I’m … Continue reading False representative…

What do “We have to offer” #Morningdevotional Based on John 4

What are we offering in essence to our people? To those around us? Are our conversations helping people reflect and gain awareness about themselves? Are the conversations deep enough? Coaching and Leading are both similar but also very different they are amazing relationships that help people to gain awareness about themselves and gives them clarity … Continue reading What do “We have to offer” #Morningdevotional Based on John 4

Stop complaining #morning devotional

Based on book of Numbers chapter 11 I enter into my chambers of prayer this morning to find myself yet again weeping in Gods presence. Asking Him to forgive me making excuses and complaining... something I know we all do. I have talked about complaining but never received the true revelation until this morning. We … Continue reading Stop complaining #morning devotional

The Struggle is real…. #morning devotional

Based on the scripture from book of Colossians 1 entire chapter. How many of us, as I can do this morning can come to confess that we struggle more then anything. Not sure if I’m the only one don’t believe I am but being completely honest here the struggle is truly real. After soaking in … Continue reading The Struggle is real…. #morning devotional

It’s not dead ….

Based on Matthew 28 When it looks like it’s over (dead) but God shows you it’s just the start of something greater. After reading Matthew 28 this morning I mediate and soak in Gods Presence to come to understand that when we think just as many think it’s over, that IT’S EXPIRED, there is no … Continue reading It’s not dead ….