Are you sure EVERYTHING

#Day 2 Checking in #Recklesslove  So I said Lord take it all..... When I said take it all I meant everything. I visualize myself standing before the Lord and He is holding a huge gift behind His back. He was waiting on me to give Him everything. When we say Yes to the Lord do … Continue reading Are you sure EVERYTHING


Wrap it up

Blog day 1 #Recklesslove  Can one just wrap it up and place it into boxes.. an entire lifetime right before your eyes. You may have never really noticed all the collecting all the clutter all the extra stuff that just took into your space. Junk that just surrounded and hindered your every step. #PURGE release … Continue reading Wrap it up

#Recklesslove #Step1 #Acceptance 

#Recklesslove  As I extend my wings towards the unknown withholding back nothing and trusting my Almighty Lord & Savior I say these last words. Know that as a women you are a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend and many other great amazing qualities never think less of yourself or step down … Continue reading #Recklesslove #Step1 #Acceptance