Born in 1977 in Manhattan New York, daughter to Luis & Inez Santiago, Sister to Jamie and Eric, Wife of Miguel Adorno whom I married April 7, 1997; Mother to Joseph, Jocelyn & Janchael. Accepting that I’m forty years old and finally understanding my purpose and my call from God.  Called to share the gospel and true life experiences that will Restore, Rebuild and Renew many.  “Rebuilding Stories One Life at a Time”

I use to live my life to please others. The opinion of others mattered so much to me. I was out seeking approval that I would never ever find. One day ‘Yes’ That one day where all changed.. When I looked around and noticed where my eyes where opened … and I said where are all the people that once surrounded me… the ones that said I’m with you and will always be with you.  The ones that said I love you, I care for you whatever you need I am here for you… the ones that would call out to me and make me feel needed… where are they now, where have they gone. The ones I gave my all to… where are they now.

Gods grace and mercy reached me… took me out a dry consuming pit. You can be there for people but you must refuse to never leave that place of being in your first love with God for people.  Ministry is a gift from God once you can understand the balance that is required for Ministry to be Healthy. 1. God 2. Marriage 3. Family 4. Church (ministry) 5. Government.  I can honestly say I had that a mess… everything for me was about everyone but the Order of God. This would be why I was stuck in a pit. But again Gods Love and Unfailing mercy reached me….

I truly hope my blog Blesses your life and inspires you to live all out for Jesus knowing that your reward is eternal.