4 years ago I battled with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts. I was facing three back-to-back failed relationships and ended up a single mother of two. In the end, I had given my life to God bc I had nothing left to lose, I literally had lost it all. This particular night I was reflecting and feeling the pain of turning away from a loved one who had abandoned me.

This was when my healing began, 5/26/2015, the night I decided I wasn’t going to dance with panic and pain anymore, instead I decided to write a new story, one where I would come out stronger. In my journal I wrote the following:

“Silence came to me tonight and reminded me of you, how I lost you, how I’m incomplete without you, how I need you. And I faced the silence and made a choice. Will I dance with silence and pain, or will I turn my eyes to the horizon and dance a new dream? Dream into the horizon a dream full of possibilities, a new beginning, a new life, a new -stronger me. Yes, I will dance to the tune of a new dream and rest my faith in my Fathers hands, that He will determine our fates. ”

What healed me was that I turned my focus from the pain of mankind to the hope in my Father’s hands. Since then I’ve made it a habit to reach for my Father’s hands every time I’m faced with life’s difficulties and walk in constant forgiveness bc we’re all imperfect. It’s been quite a journey and I regret nothing! Not even the pain. It was in the pain that I surrendered, in the pain God rescued me, in the pain and from the ashes I was reborn and set free!

Every desire in the depths of my heart God has answered since then, and I have yet a long way to go. But I leave this here in hopes that it inspires hope in someone else and encourages you to trust the One who chose “you”, loves “you”, and will stop at nothing to rescue you too.

Be blessed 🙏🏻💜

A True Story by Lilly Rabassa

Inspire Her Life Ambassador