New Wine Skins

There is an outpouring

There is New Wine

I could not be satisfied with just being healed and delivered. God

wanted to make US whole….

Something needed to be done in my soul. And let me clarify there is always something needing to be done!!!

There is a new wine… who’s ready?

It’s a Process

He will do whatever it takes to get you to that place where He is able to open you up and make you whole. The question is will you let

Him? When we don’t allow him we

will encounter a sudden block that will put us in a place that HE MAKETH because you are so important to Him.

“He maketh me to lie down in green pastures; He leadeth me beside still waters.”

Psalms 23:2 ASV

We can’t ignore the voice of God. He is wanting to restore our soul. He wants to move us into a place of righteousness.

We all have a story and we must never forget that. Our story is a story of value that will one day fall into the hands of a person so they shall be renewed, restored and inspired to do the same with others.

For those who follow my blog you will see there has been a transition. My original blog was called Reckless Love and today you will start to see more of Inspire Her Life. Maybe some are wondering why but for those that have come to know my heart thru my writing you see the big picture and I hope that it truly inspires you to keep going and never give up.

It was in my season of the Reckless love Of God Where I was being made whole. To God be all the Glory and Honor. He did it. I just held on to His promises over my life.. better said OUR LIFE. Many of my post are truly just sharing my day to day encounters. Moments of brokenness, weakness, vulnerability, transparency which can only be disclosed when you know it’s His Reckless love that has captured you.

I ask that you keep US in prayer for what God has assigned us to do. We love all of our readers, followers and appreciate how you Love us in return… especially when we are all jacked up and have no filter to share our mess with you. This is how we can give all the Glory to our Father for His greatness in our lives!!

Help us share our story so that other will be Blessed, Inspired & Encouraged.

With Love 💕 Janelle

If you are touched to sow into what God is doing you can do so at $Urchurch all proceeds are going towards the publishing of my first book and 365 daily devotional. Your seed will go global. Thank you in Advance.