Ready set go…..

Set goals…. stick to them no matter the odds.

Remove whatever gets in the way that try’s to hinder you from accomplishing and fulfilling that goal from taking place.

2018 I was challenged to read the book Soar by TD Jakes. What can I say… as my Apostle Juan Mendez would say “We Stay Soaring”. Above the storm with a precise vision. I must say 2018 was a challenging year but oh so worth it.

I’m grateful to just receive this created video by DM networks whom is also the Head Chief Of Operations my logistics guy who is truly amazing Daniel Maldonado. Thanks for sending me this so I can look back and say Wow what an amazing year.

Thank you to every believer, every non believer and special thanks to our critics.

We could have not done it without you.

Thank you because today is officially the 365th day of 2018 which we declared a year of Fulfillment.

The best is yet to come for the Orlando Dream Center. I’m grateful that I experienced many amazing events and especially the very last food drop of 2018 into the community which was over 38k pounds of food.

With joy I say It was my last event being fully on board with all that takes place at the actual event and to operate this amazing non profit organization. I’m not leaving I’m just truly blessed that I can officially sit back and remain as the Founder continue to share ideas and launch new programs.

I’m grateful for the amazing group of people that will carry out this legacy and continue to equip others to have it remain an impact here and throughout the nations.

Truly truly Blessed and Grateful! I’m humbled by this moment and remind myself that this work is not in vain. Building a successful non profit does not occur overnight it takes time and dedication. Anything that comes quick has less a chance of survival. We have been through the most difficult times and still today we stand strong.

Whatever it is that God puts in your heart set a goal with a date and name it… believe it and hold tight to those who believe with you. They may not know it all but what matters is the motive of their heart.

Declaring a Year of Overflow for 2019, much success to all those who stay soaring. I encourage you to remain steady!!!! You can do it!

Happy New Year 🎆

2019 Year of Overflow

Founder & Pastor

Orlando Dream Center

Janelle Adorno