It’s a wrap…. another year done and gone. We are about 11 days out 2018 is coming to an end,  I am sitting here thinking to myself when was the last time you opened up your site to type a blog… heavy sigh. Today is a new day!  Let the joy of writing lead strong. 

This morning my amazing husband wakes me up and says I need to share something with you…. he began to weep heavily.  He says God has spoken to me and he has given to me specific instructions.  I was listening to him but more in awww because days prior I had been praying for the Lord to share with me the “Key Word” for 2019.  I had been asking the Lord for 2019 Proclamation.  The Lord answered and said this is the year of OVERFLOW.  Can you even begin to imagine this moment for me but even more for my husband whom is sitting at the edge of our bed in a “Overflow Moment”  yes, a life altering moment.  Won’t God do it!!!

I am titling this blog INSPIRE18 because it marks a fulfillment in me for this year 2018.  Because of the obedience God is unleashing the promises we have ahead.  Inspire18 was placed in my heart at the very end of 2017 and the very beginning of 2018. It took me 12 months to actually birth it out.   It was absolutely amazing approximately 30-35 women came together to confront FEAR, DOUBT and PROCRASTINATION to remove it for the Year of 2019 where OVERFLOW will take place.  Brave women have risen up to make the INSPIRE19 the most talked about women’s conference in Central Florida.   Women will come from the EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH to experience INSPIRE19 where true life transforming stories will be shared to INSPIRE today’s woman.

I want to take a moment to apologize to my blog followers for not posting… I realized my last post was back in September and that is way to long…. Thank you for this morning a new follower notification came in from “The Godly Chic Diaries” THANK YOU THANK YOU as you have inspired me to take time out and share my blog posts. I love to write as it is a therapy for me and I love to hear how it blesses the lives of many.

Be Blessed, Be Encouraged, Be Inspired!