Your inheritance is not what people give you “It’s what you do with it”

Matthew 25:34

“Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world.

I love the illumination on this, truly truly I say to you Your Inheritance is not what people give you “It’s what you do with it”.

God was searching in my heart He brought this to the surface. Let me share…. my husband had a dream of owning his very own business and honestly, I was the wife that would say the most “Burst ones bubble” things like.. You really think that business will be successful? Profitable? I just don’t see it. I just think it would be stupid to take the money we have for that.

Long story short we started the business it was doing great but I was not into the fact that my husband was my boss and I had to do what he would tell me to do. Let’s call that “Lack of Submission the Leadership” I had my own dreams. I had things that I wanted to do that would be so much more successful “Well that’s what I thought” I became so against the business and all the time it was taking from me. Yep from me!

I really did not care about anything but me. How selfless when really and truly right before my eyes God was placing a treasure in our hands. Honestly, I even got so frustrated that I said God my husband does not deserve this business, take it away. Anyway, our store was robbed about two years ago and we where also facing marriage issues due to so much darn work with what I said was “A stupid business”

Finally I got what I wanted, we closed the store. Enough of his dream, we tried it is what I would always say. Honestly, I was burnt out and I had better things to do. That was a joke…. I went back to working for someone… talk about being overwhelmed and overworked for a check that pretty much did nothing for me. Well I asked for it .., right! Be careful what you ask for is what I must say!

Many things since then have taken place in our lives which I’m extremely grateful for. We decreased in many areas but everything was worth it… at least I say that today. This year after having long heart to heart conversations with my husband and wise counsel we decided to re launch the business. Did I share that I have not worked since December 2017 and did I say that God has been so faithful.

Our business …. yes I say our business because I learned to no longer see it as just his. It’s ours. It’s me believing in his dream. God made me understand that there is no way He would even consider giving me anything if I could not first believe in my husbands dream. Not just in my husbands dream but in the dreams other then my very own.

Let me say this my husband has always believed in any and everything I have ever wanted to do….shame on me right. Yes! Shame on me! I have repented for being so selfish and not seeing all that God was giving to us.

Revelation 21:7

“He who overcomes will inherit these things, and I will be his God and he will be My son.

The example my husband has always given is beyond something I could ever understand doing. Why did I have to to learn to believe and help achieve the dreams of others… it’s God testing our hearts. He just can’t give you what you want before processing you. This is where I hear him say Be Faithful in this first and then I will Bless You with greater.

To Inspire you and Bless your life let me share even more… I am the founder of a local non profit organization here in Orlando, Fl which is sure to be taken to the nations. Actually, Cuba 2019 yes… It’s actually already happening. For many years I thought I had to do it all. God spoke to me and said you have done your part you have been faithful. It was time to put others in the lead of this organization so I obeyed. As I obeyed God, He started to pour into my hands blessings that I could have never thought to receive…. I mean I had heard of blessings such as but for me to actually receive it… well yes! That’s God’s plan.

I had to set my dreams aside to see my husbands dream come to the surface. Just as soon as I understood this I have been able to see God open doors that only He could open. Business opportunities that only God can make. It’s truly amazing!

What God wanted me to understand is that it’s nothing anyone could ever give me it’s actually me being responsible and doing the right thing with what He has given to me. It’s His Inheritance to us. We don’t do things for man, we do things for God. We do things in excellence even when it’s not for us because we understand it’s all about God. Our every step must be ordained by God.

Finally, I’m able to understand the works of God in my life, not only in my life but in the lives of all. We must learn to be “Second” in every and anything.

Today I’m able to encourage many that “All things are possible with God” not only are we business owners of a successful company, but also founders of such an awesome non profit organization as well as community builders bringing people to Christ through local bible studies in homes and in public places once a week. You see God ordains ones steps… will you all Him to do so? Start with believing in the Visions and Dreams of others. Allow yourself to be processed and then you too shall see the desires of your heart aligned with Gods to see the fulfillment of all things.

Be Blessed

Be Encouraged

Be Inspired

Love 💕 PJ


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