Rx for the soul


But if from there you seek the Lord your God, you will find him if you seek him with all your heart and with all your soul.


Its in His Word, we find everything we need in His Word. It truly is the Rx for the soul.  Today I was at the vet with our dog and we where having him vaccinated and this came to my mind as they injected him.  I know weird right… this happens to me often.  I have learned to be sensitive to hear Him.

Many times we are seeking in the wrong place to never really find what our soul longs for.  Here are a few examples… we feel lonely we seek to fill up our schedules to keep from feeling lonely, we spiritually have disconnected but would much rather just seek the faith of someone else,  we feel sick and decide to take a picture and post it on social media for everyone to comment, instead of just taking the time to care for ourselves, we feel unloved or rejected so we go and seek the attention of just anyone not realizing the pit and the unknown soul attachment behind that…. I can go on and on but I think you get it.

I have to say how amazing God is with me and how He can be the same with you because there is no exception to person He is equal to all.  I felt led in the spirit a couple of weeks ago to take one week to myself.  Let me clear up any confusion, I daily separate myself to hear from God and just go deeper with Him, but with that said I was feeling there was more. God was requiring more of me. With that said I decided to take one entire week to consecrate myself.   “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required,” reads Luke 12:48

As I am in this time of consecration I can hear and see Him clearly with very little to no distraction. This would be why I was able to hear Him at the vet with the dog, I hope your hearing me.  What Injects Your Soul …… Is it more of God or are you conformed?  Are you just ok where you are?  With the Faith of others or is it your very own faith?  Are you able to overcome Faith Fatigue if your in that position on your own or are you waiting for the next conference and or retreat?  

I know its deep… but as I have said Im authentic, transparent and where you will find the TRUTH so you shall be set FREE.

Let me touch on this because it’s come to me several times in the past weeks dreams of people in a Faith Fatigue state especially as we are in the summer months and many have placed there spiritual life on summer break.  Here me when I say this…


Its not your Sunday to Sunday that is going to get you through, its you learning to be committed on a daily basis.  Let me share why!  Sunday’s we are all in worshipping crying out to God and having moments with God but then comes the hit and we did not  prepare and nor have we let His word be Injected into our soul.

We have to overcome this complacency that we fall into over and over again.  The Rx dose is in His Word it will heal you and take you into having expectation where your Faith will increase and then you will see the miracles.

What Injects your soul? Ask yourself today.

Prayer:  Abba, we come before you and ask that you help us in those moments where we become conformed and our Faith becomes Fatigue. Help us to take the time you desire Abba to spend more time with you and seek more of your word on daily basis. That we not take for granted your wanting more of our attention to share your inner most secrets for our lives.  Abba I want the results of Heaven in my life.  Amen


Be Encourged

Be Inspired

Be Blessed

Love PJ




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