To a very special Father

Happy Father’s Day Miguel

Where do I start…. well first it took me all day to pull together all that I was feeling and all I wanted to say. I wanted to make sure that every word I was to write down would mean so much to you and I both. As I write I think of the future and how our grandchildren and great grandchildren will read this blog. Im touched to release all that is in my heart,my soul, my mind.

I also did not know how I should share this… via Facebook or where? Well then I recalled I had one of my fits and I deleted you from my Facebook so I had to figure out how to grab your phone and request myself so that way later on you would be able to see I have posted this clearly everywhere so everyone could read it. Thinking of how in the world can I write all the amazing and awesome things that have taken place in 22 years. I still feel like it was yesterday that you swept me off my feet… how I still get upset if I don’t have ALL your attention and how I want it to be all about us. The love clearly has not dwindled if not it has only become stronger and stronger.

For many that love story of being swept off ones feet is all smooch smooch but not for us… you swept me off my feet because of the wise words you shared with me when I was just a girl with a baby lost in this world… do you remember… this little boy who would throw hot wheels at you because he did not like that you would hold his mommies hand or even dare give her a kiss. How could I not be swept off my feet… you where a true God sent gift to our lives. Today that not so little boy is almost 24 years old and loves his papa so much. Thank You for saving us and loving us….

Thank you for asking me to be your wife the mother of your beautiful daughters

I could never forget that day in Aaron’s rent a center my very first ring from you… so sweet we knew if we did not pay it they would take it away. Then the run to the court house on my lunch break “Let’s get married” pure craziness but we did it and here we are today 22 years later…

So much has taken place….

The three years of infertility medications and money invested me blaming you for not conceiving and all along it was not the time… but then finally when I looked at you with tears in my eyes and said I don’t want to try anymore if it’s God’s will we will have a baby when He says so… God heard that and He also knew the desires of our heart that not one but two beautiful girls who are the apple of your eye…

You Miguel with not knowing how agreed to take on the responsibility of being a Father the most awesome Dad a child could ever have… not perfect but so imperfect and that is what makes you the best ever.

All the times you made me cry, you made me Laugh like the one above wearing my mamas wig that you saved after she passed away… the times we would fight in seminary because I did not know the Bible but you did… oh my how funny this journey has been.

Your moments of protection never cease… here your praying for the girls on the first day back to school…

Here your oldest daughter makes a promise to save herself till marriage… you knew at that moment that you had instilled only the best in them.

How you would do just about anything we would ask of you… this was at the school book fair … please dress up like “Cat in the Hat”.

Our many vacations… which I have so many pictures to post but these are just a few moments we could never forget…

When God was calling us into the ministry … how beautiful the memories.

And now the oldest daughter meets a friend which that was by far the most hardest for us to think that one day we have to give her away… just to think before we know it the kids are all gone and it’s just us. Man you have done far more exceeding job raising your children and being such a great Dad.

I love you babe!

We Love You! We Honor You!


Love us!

Janelle, Joseph, Jocelyn & Janchael


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