Nothing but the truth…

I experienced a reality check today. And as my followers or better said readers you should know me by know I analyze almost everything with the spiritual. My most recent blog earlier this morning was titled “I won’t give up” I was sharing about my commit to stay fit journey and this one is titled now “Nothing but the truth” honestly I have had a reality check and a true scare.

I am not ashamed and I am totally inspired to share this harsh truth. Today being my first day back after almost two weeks of not working out I experienced something scary and for me horrible. I worked out for about thirty five minutes pushing it hard to find myself on the floor white as snow with a pulse of fifty eight. What a scary moment. As I sat there and heard everyone around me say breath in from your nose and not your mouth, put your arms above your head and drink water. I kept saying please make this feeling go away underneath my breath.

As I continued to come out of that scary place I could hear the Lord share with me that is exactly what takes place with us when we separate from Him. And no I’m not just talking about reading the word, listening to an online sermon or podcast or even attending small group I’m talking about congregating. You would not believe what the Lord revealed.

The Bible says: Hebrew 10:25

We should not stop gathering together with other believers, as some of you are doing. Instead, we must continue to encourage each other even more as we see the day of the Lord coming.

As I read into to the above scripture I decided to search for pictures I’m a visual person.

This was the best to describe what God was revealing to me to help me understand this reality check I was having. You see all the grapes 🍇 they are tightly together right…. they are connected to the branch (vine). Well here I go….

I had been totally disconnected from my body, working it out and caring for my temple. I was not doing my part what so ever. Yes, maybe I was dehydrated as well it still lead me to understand something so important. We as believers can wonder into this same exact thing and many have yet to face the reality check.

I have to care for myself and my body. No one can do this for me. Once I stop doing it caring and connecting with what is to help me remain strong I will make every excuse to justify that I’m in the right when truly I’m totally in the wrong.

Yes, I know we are in 2018 and e-commerce is in full effect social media etc etc but the fact of the matter still remains that the purpose of the grapes being together is to fortify one another. If one is to be eaten the bunch gets weaker.

Man it’s amazing how God can use something like this to really take us deeper into understanding the importance of His word. Even more… congregating with a group of people that will notice when something or someone is not right. I use to be part of very large congregations to come to realize that if I where not there no one noticed… as I down sized I realized that immediately someone was calling or texting to check on me. You see they knew something was going on.

Same factor with my body and not taking the time to care for it and keep it going as instructed. I just attempted to jump right in and be fine. Well no! That’s not the case. I’m still suffering with a severe headache and weakness from the consequences of not staying committed.

I hope you can be blessed from this blog as it has blessed me. God has his ways of doing things and this is just one of the very many!

Be Blessed

Be Inspired

Be Encouraged

Love 💕Pastor Janelle

Thanks for not giving up

On me! Love you all very much!


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