Sunday’s at URCHURCH. LIFE

We want to invite you to join us this Sunday and every Sunday to a place where God is doing a new thing. We are in our pre launch season and it’s so exciting to see what God is doing.

This coming Sunday we have a special message from Minster Yaneisy Maldonado. She is going to share a message that will truly transform you. Bring your mom, a friend, family member or a neighbor and allow them to be blessed with you.

Here at URCHURCH we are sharing that serving God does not have to be complicated and full of programs but truly filled with learning to Love yourself and Love God.

For us Loving People looks a lot like Loving God.

We would love for you to experience the River of God in your life. Come expecting as God is going to move and impact your life.

We want to wish all the Mama’s a Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day.

Love 💕 PJ