Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend

Cherish her while you have her is my point today!! I tell this to my children all the time. Don’t bring me flowers once I’m gone and don’t come crying either. Love me now or loose me forever.

My mama was my best friend, my hero, my true inspiration. I’m grateful to have witnessed her last years of life and how passionate her love became for the Lord.

My mother was such a warrior. She was one determined women. She knew exactly what she wanted and she would not stop until it was achieved.

Mom at the age of Forty Seven was diagnosed with Level 4 metastasized Breast cancer, a true beast it was. The doctors gave mom three to six months of life. How horrifying was that. I was only twenty four years old. I had to endure this on my own. It was heartbreaking as I had to remain strong being the oldest daughter. Helping my entire family understand that God was in control when I still was struggling myself with that relationship. At that time He was a God of convenience for me.

Mom looked at me one day and said I’m going to fight this. We where alone in the Tampa VA hospital and she said Daughter I need you to be strong and tell everyone I’m going to be alright. As she said this she had tears in her eyes. Imagine hearing the doctors say “Enjoy what’s left of life” there is nothing we can do. It’s too late it has spread to your lymph nodes.

I can recall looking at mom and saying together mom we will believe the God you serve and He will make a miracle happen. Long story short mom lived Four years more. I enjoyed those last four years, mom fell so in love with Jesus and she shared that with me and with my Dad who had really never even attended church. His love grew for mom in such a remarkable way. Don’t get me wrong He loved mom they had been married for twenty eight years, but there was something that happened when they gave their lives to the Lord it was truly remarkable in every way. Wow!

Sharing this today to let many know that your strength and hope comes from the Lord. Love, Honor, Cherish your loved ones as tomorrow is not promised. Wishing all of you amazing Moms a very special Mother’s Day. Know today how truly Blessed You Are!!

Love 💕 PJ


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