When you realize

When you realize God does not want you to waste His time. Ouch! That’s pretty harsh. For the past few days it’s been heavy in my heart that we take for granted how great God truly is to us. We take for granted all that surrounds us to bring us near Him. We actually even reject Him.

When I started to feel this I was also feeling overwhelmed and saying no I don’t like this feeling…. I understood that I was not being as intentional or responsible as He had created me to be. I know “How can I actually admit this” well I can! I’m not ashamed.

I have to make a choice… either I want All of what God wants for me or just a couple of things. I choose to want it all even if that means I have to loose here and there.

God is asking for many of us to make up our minds as to what we really want with Him. You thinking well God does not pressure you, and your absolutely right He will not pressure you but “He will make it known to you.” He clearly let’s it be known… When your ready I will be right here.

1 Samuel 3


God knows that we can’t do life without Him… but do we know that? Have we come to the understanding that life without God is just a waste. We need Him! You need Him! I need Him. We have no sense of direction. I mean I don’t know about you but I have attempted to do so many things without God to find myself in the same darn place… and who’s fault is that? My very own! I could just hear God saying …. well if you would seek me you would find me, if you would ask me I would answer.

I choose today to be more INTENTIONAL and RESPONSIBLE then ever.

So Yes… that’s my call today… what do you choose to do?

Be Encouraged, Challenged, Motivated and Inspired ❤️



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