Make today a Great Day

Today we step into what God has called us to do here on earth. We can’t express how excited and nervous we are at the same time. Being nervous is a good thing totally let’s me know I’m depending on the Holy Spirit.

It’s been a struggle to accept there is no other place. Its His will and purpose for our lives. We can run, but we can’t hide. We can’t just leave it for others we must accept it and bring it into completion.

URCHURCH.LIFE is a different church, it’s filled with ones individuality of coming to the realization that this is truly a lifestyle that one must desire. When we make the decision that is where we truly come alive. We will accept you just as you are, we will love you just as we love God and the rest is between you and the Holy Spirit.

We are kicking off with Our Welcome Home Series which comes from the Book of Luke. What better way then this to express how excited the Father is that we are home.

Come and Join us today at 12 Noon you will be glad you did.

I personally Pastor Janelle have been crying out for your encounter. Aside from our awesome team that can’t wait to embrace and love you.

If you have a home church and are just so excited about our expansion of Gods Kingdom keep us covered in prayer and if the Lord places in your heart to plant a seed you can do so at: or you can give for our launch 🚀 campaign at:

We are grateful!



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