It’s In His Timing

How a year has gone by…. and the results are so beautiful.

June 1st 2017 God shared with us what was to come. He also shared that there where a few things we needed to take care of first. We knew it would be in His time not ours. We decided to wait on Him this time around.

He shared how He wanted us to keep it simple by LOVING GOD• LOVING PEOPLE. That’s the Mission of this church. The Vision is to share with the Nations that they are the church. It’s not a building but each on of us as individuals coming together week after week to strengthen His body and make room for Him to move.

Today April 29th 2018 something pretty amazing and beautiful took place. Don’t worry I’m gonna tell you all about it….. but first, I did mention God sharing the there where a few things we needed to take care of so here they go.

1. A Spiritual Detox & Healing

2. A time for us to be Strengthened, Renewed and Regenerated

2. A dedicated Team that is built on the foundation of Jesus that is totally unified with one assignment which is to make Faithful followers of Christ.

3. A Clear Vision & Mission to be the Church of Christ

There is more but these are the ones that I feel to share with you all today. URCHURCH will officially be One years old on June 1st and to God be all the Glory and Honor on June 3rd we will be Launching our Worship Experience with you all.

It’s been amazing to see how obedience leads to the unfolding of Gods promises. In this year so many beautiful things have taken place. I have watched the “Dream Team” grow and flourish like never before, I have watched them pour into others expecting nothing in return crying for the Lords will to be done. Beautiful… did I say Beautiful! We watched our Spiritual Son Pastor Michael Rosado Strengthen and Fortify Regenerated Church along side his beautiful wife Christina, God did it.

We have now experienced what it is to have Spiritual children plant a church and alongside we where there to encourage and strengthen them and we will always be with them. So beautiful…. I cried today as Michael prayed over us as we continue unto the assignment God has ordained us to do. Looking back a couple months ago we where placing the covering on Him and praying for all God would do and today say it’s truly evident what God is doing… can you just imagine how we felt today. A true spiritual son, not a man made one. So beautiful…. I keep saying beautiful because these are the seeds 🌱 God calls us to plant and watch grow. If God said it He will do it.

We are extremely excited for what is to come… nervous oh yes! Depending wholeheartedly on the Holy Spirit. It can be difficult at times because we know what it is to start up a church and all it takes, but one thing for sure We Know God Wants it and He is doing it.

We ask that you keep us covered in prayer and we are always praying for God to touch the heart of His people to plant a generous seed so we can continue to equip and prepare ourselves with Excellence for our Father in Heaven.

Give today

We love you and we thank you for helping us continue Gods every desire for our life’s and the life’s that God will continue to add to our side.

Love Pastor Janelle


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