Through His Eyes

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made The Right Image

Do you ever wake up, take a good look in the mirror, and tell yourself, “No doubt about it—I’m fearfully and wonderfully made!” Maybe when you think about the kind of person you are, words like “average” or “not bad” come to mind. Sometimes you might see yourself as above average, but there are days when a closer look reveals insecurities and flaws that you can’t ignore. If you ever consider yourself unremarkable or even ordinary, you’re not seeing yourself as a

result of God’s divine creation.

When we discover the truth that we are God’s unique design, it is overwhelming.

I shared a few hours with my husband of 22 years and he shared with me the way he see’s me. It’s pretty amazing to hear this from him. We have learned over many trials and tribulations what the true meaning of love is and how it can totally change your outlook on things.

He shared with me how he loves the authority God has placed in me, how much he loves to watch me speak life into others, how he is truly inspired by the way I seek of God and trust Him with all. He shared with me how it has never intimidated him for me to stand before the church and share the gospel but how much he really appreciates my place.

Can I open up here….. I have struggled so much in this area. I will admit that to the point of running from my call from God. I have said “This is not my place it belongs to the man”. The royal priest of my home. I have even said no one will submit to a women leader or even more so a women Pastor.

He shares with me how he sees all God sees for me and how he will always be there to lead the way and remove anything that attempts to hinder Gods plan for our lives. As we continued our conversation he brought so much joy to me as he expressed how he will remove all road blocks and make a way.

In life you must learn that not everyone who says they are with you or for you truly are. Many will come into your life to cloud the vision God has placed in you. You must know each person and all the intentions they have. God never wants anything to harm you. He wants you to believe and be free of all toxic thoughts and plans the enemy my set out to trap you.

Be free knowing that Gods plan is unique it’s a true masterpiece and He has it all ready to be executed. Love every moment that you can set aside to really know who is your support team and appreciate them with all you are. I will always appreciate my husband standing firm to help me understand that the plan of the enemy is that we fall into a pit and rot there.

Learn to see yourself the way God sees you.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made.

Love ♥️ Pastor Janelle


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