Today is the day!

Pastor William McDowell truly inspired by God brings illumination to humanity of how real your relationship can be with God. He shares how we are crying out for the future encounters of others.

Truly was a blessing that I was selected to read this book before it’s release.

I have been on a sabbatical which in June makes one year. This book has pressed deeply into my spirit and has brought clarity to the steps that God has predestined for me to take. It took me to understand the importance of total and complete surrender in God.

This book is a must read by all humanity, it’s time we know God in an intimate way. There are secrets He wants to share with you and only you. It’s through you that we will see His manifestations of Miracles, Signs and Wonders.

Don’t delay what God has already started I can’t say it’s gonna happen because I am a witness that…

“It’s Happening”.

Get your book today!!!!

Senior Pastor

Janelle Adorno



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