So I Waited…

Today is an extremely special day for Pastor and Friend William McDowell of Deeper Fellowship Church, Orlando Fl. his book has been released “It’s Happening” I must say this is also especially special for his beautiful mother Pauline whom I adore and in secret have shared my most intimate struggles.

Let me start by saying…

So I waited…

Now is the time for me to share this… I’m sharing it today because the Holy Spirit has illuminated that only He could do this to me.

Almost, One year ago I personally Pastor Janelle Adorno, a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, a leader right here in Orlando, Fl fell into a pit. I was not exempt…

I was doing church… yep just doing church, I fell into this pit of a systematic service and protocol that could not save a soul. It’s what I knew to do. That pit was out to destroy me. I recall hearing the spirit of the Lord say to me “Release” oh but what a challenge that was for me. He even said it to my daughter March 2017 through our brother Tony Mendez whom Pastored Heaven on Earth Church in Kissimmee, Fl who today is with the Lord.

The struggle, the battle, my pride was out to destroy me… I could not let anyone see this take place in me oh no not at all.

God said again “Release”.

Thank God we obeyed….

Obeying was the best thing I could have ever done.

I relate to chapter 7 the book of Luke. I sensed my own dryness and I pressed into the presence on God. I was lead by the spirit to jump into the River… I recall Pastor Pauline saying please come to the 9 am service. The very first encounter was as no other. I knew that He was in the room and He was Recklessly going to do whatever it would take to capture me.

We hear of the 200 miracles that have taken place at Deeper Fellowship Church Orlando, Fl.

I can only imagine the hundreds more that have yet to be disclosed just as mine. Today I say count 201 because I scream from the roof tops “The Devil is a Liar” I’m no longer in that pit.

Allowing God to take over and me stepping into the alignment of complete surrender is where my miracle took place. I was set free from the pit I was in. I began to understand just what God had planned for me. Waiting on Him was His plan all along. I’m so grateful for this past year as it’s been the best in my forty years of life.

I realized how much I needed Jesus. I needed to go to the next level with God. I needed to cry out to God. I needed to pour out at the feet of Jesus. I was smelling the water in Jesus and I was thirsty I was not going to allow anything to stop me from encountering more. I could hear Him say come Deeper, there is more.

The miracle is that I could have been part of the true statistics that we hear of today of the many Pastors who suffer from depression and even face suicidal thoughts and remain silent because of what people may say or think!

I’m grateful that I stepped into the River, I intended to loose myself for the new me in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

That this hunger and thirst never leave me, keep me emerged in you Abba, I need you. Sweep me away with you.

It’s Happening

One year later June 3rd, 2018 we are grateful for the opportunity to launch URCHURCH.LIFE here in Orlando, Fl where I will be the Senior Pastor along side with my husband and daughters.

There is more!!!!! Something moving, Something Changing, Heaven has come rushing In!!!

Loving God. Loving People

Help us with our new church plant first by prayer and second your generosity.$URCHURCHLIFE



3 thoughts on “So I Waited…

  1. Congratulations on your spiritual success! I say this not as an off statement but that many times we as spiritual leaders can have an option to quit and leave. While we wait, we hurt, we cry, we are in pain but as you said may God keep us submerged in Him! This way we keep the pace and take the track that leads to the successful road that He already ordained. I rejoice with you!

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