UR Women’s Interactive Group Thursday’s

My Name is Pastor Janelle and I am the Senior Pastor of URCHURCH.LIFE •A New Church Plant here in Orlando, Fl• your welcome to visit our website: http://www.urchurch.life

Women’s Interactive Group is for •WOMEN ONLY• Women who are Unchurched• New Believers or maybe even church hurt, or your a Christian but have yet to be discipuled. Receiving the free gift of salavation of Jesus as Savior is only the 1st step. Living a surrendered life as a true follower of Jesus Christ as Lord is a challenge and rewarding journey as well as a progressive process that you can o accomplish alone. We where never meant to do life alone. We need consistent guidance, help support and encouragement from one another to finish well.

If your looking to experience healthy spiritual growth, maturity and fruitfulness, as a wife or even a single mother and a leader if your looking for authentic fellowship with imperfect individuals who strive to be women of God and women of integrity, virtue in all areas of life the. We would love to have you.

Come ready to meet some awesome women that truly are looking to share their real life stories, battles, struggles but most importantly their faith of how you can come past any and anything that holds you back!

We jump right into the word and hear what God has to say about us!!

An evening of fellowship, worship, word, prayer.

You won’t be the same after meeting us!


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