Just one more

Being an ambassador of Christ is going to place you in the ring and you will have to take on “Just Another Jab” you may be saying “Just Another” how many can one take… I have asked that same question not once but several times.

You see the case is that God created you to be a Warrior and a Warrior does not give up a Warrior gets back up and goes right back into the ring. Will it be easy “No” not at all. But she knows that she has God on her side.

I’m not sure who this is for… I know for me most of all. You may be facing a really ugly fight right now and it’s pretty tense in the ring. It may just be a divorce, infidelity, finances, grown kids giving you issues only God knows… I just want you to know just as God tells me get up and get back in the ring!

“Just Another Jab”

You won’t let this destroy you nor kill you, you will grow from this to being someone even greater. I always here the best is yet to come and today I say to myself “The Best is yet to come”.

You maybe saying why in the world do I have to face these things… there is a reason. The Reason is that you my darling are a beautiful, inspiring, special women that many desire to have the same gifts, faith, strength and courage as you. If you don’t stay in the ring how in the world would you be able to encourage and inspire?

Your story is not over it’s just getting started!

Get in it again!! One more upper cut, One more Jab! He’s Got You! The “Fight is Won” as my dear brother who’s soul Rest In Peace Tony Mendez would say! You have VICTORY in Jesus!

Keep your head up, stay alert, stay focused and give you best “Jab” ever right back! Stay in it!

Be Inspired, Be Encouraged!

Love PJ


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