I will praise you

Even when it hurts like hell I will remain in you I will praise you. Seems to be almost impossible right?

Many times you will encounter things in life that just hurt like hell. It’s called life! How do we deal with these things called life is the question!

You want your life to be a certain way and you know that many things you have done in the past are not the right things and your not wanting them in your future but you find yourself in a vicious cycle and your not able to find your way out. Consider this being captive and in bondage.

Ultimately, you have to make a choice even if it’s hurts like hell. You have to acknowledge the fact that there are times things just won’t change and can’t chance because God is waiting on you to open your eyes and realize this true harsh reality and make the change. There are things that God wants to do with you but he can’t because you have chosen to stay with what you know and what your accustomed to.

Would you for a moment think God allows you to witness certain things to hurt you or to set you free? God never intends to hurt you… He wants to prosper you but again He can’t if you remain in that place thinking something will change.

In the midst of your pain, your struggle remain praising no matter what… even when it hurts like hell. Ask God to give you the strength to end all and everything that consumes you and leads you to that place of being captive and in bondage. Where the spirit of the Lord is there is FREEDOM.

This FREEDOM is yours today if you want it… so I say again even when it hurts like hell the only place you must remain is in that place of praise and declare that all be broken so you my dear can walk in Freedom.

Jeremiah 29:11

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


Just know the best is yet to come!!! Praise Praise and Don’t stop Praising!

God allowed you to see it not to harm you but to prosper you and set you free!

Be Inspired & Encouraged



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