Not Everyone

When you know your under a spiritual attack and you clearly hear God say you must face this giant that stands before you. I came across the image above and knew instantly I needed to share this with someone.

Three days ago I woke up to hear the warning of what was taking place in my home. I have a twenty three year old son that left our home about seven years ago to experience the world. He is a great kid with a powerful seed in Him and a truly amazing calling from God. He recently returned home, it’s been approximately two weeks. It’s been a challenge for me.

How is it that I can love a complete stranger and give them a helping hand but I battle with my very own child. The battle has nothing to do with my son but had everything to do with the spirits that are around him.

The warning alerted me to step into three days of consecration and prayer. I did exactly that… I let God lead the entire way. God revealed things that I would have never thought to consider. I was able to come out of the spiritual attack I had found myself in. I was able to understand the tactics of the enemy.

Waning tenacity was one of them I felt a dulled purpose and passion, I also felt frustrated which lead me to loose purpose.

The enemy will do whatever he can to attack you and take you out. You have to learn how to call him out. You must look and confront the matter. How? Be grateful continue to praise the Lord for how truly good He is. Know that God has got you! He has got this situation under complete control.

Another tactic the enemy will use is for you to be consumed with things that truly have no matter whatsoever. Who cares if no one believes in you, it does not matter, who cares if no one supports you, as long as you have God nothing else matters. Having Him means every attack, battle, confusion, hinderance has to flee because you have God at your side and in your ring.

The Victory is yours and if you can say this all strongholds are broken and you will feel and see a peace upon you as no other.

Trust the process! Stand up and face the battle, storm or whatever it may be trying to take you out. Stand up as a champ and say “Thank you Father” knowing that that battle, struggle, storm has been defeated.

Be Encouraged and Blessed,

Love PJ


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