Spring Break: a time for relaxation, family vacations, and not worrying about anything school related right? Well, this spring break is completely different for many of Orange / Osceola Public School students. For many students Spring break can seem a little daunting.

Many kids rely on free and reduced-priced meals at school. Ten days is a long time to go without normally scheduled meals, especially for the most vulnerable, chronically hungry students who may have very little to nothing to eat at home.

Wanting to meet this gap in meal service, the Orlando Dream Center and its Community Partners Food Bank made it possible to provide food for 1,245 persons to ensure students have something to eat during their long break.

Many schools at one point had what was called a BackPack and School Pantry program, however we have come to realize it’s not happening. We are looking for generous donors to help us meet this need as this will help us provide sacks of food to send home with kids .

We want to double the amount of persons that we where able to provide at minimum of one week Groceries today. It’s extremely exciting to know that so many will be able to enjoy spring break and not worry about feeling hungry!

We need your financial support to make this happen! Donate today at

Special thanks to our community partners!!!


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