I am guarding you says the Father, I am guiding you says the Father and I am directing you says the Father. The natural mind and the natural man that is part of you assumes that it is informed, but in fact is quite clueless. My invitation to you is come up higher. Come up into the higher MIND that is the MIND OF CHRIST. There was a price paid in blood that you might be equipped with resources to put you over in life as a king and a priest in the earth. You do understand that ruling and reigning begins now? There is not some cosmic date on a calendar on which you will suddenly know all, be all and instantly come to the full stature of the maturity of the Son. I am growing you now. Cooperate now with what I am teaching you and instructing you and you will experience just how close to heaven on earth you can get on this side of eternity.

Are you waiting for some day, one day? I have prepared a place for you that where I AM (now) you may be. Are you ready to move into My now and to step into the NOW that I have accorded you in this life? That isn’t the way you have always been taught, but you have to decide whether to listen to the counsel of the uninformed or choose to ascend into the mentality of the Christ mind that will illuminate and teach you ALL THINGS that I have afforded you in the entitlements of the shed blood of Calvary. Say in your heart “I will take mine NOW…” Determine this day and from this day forward that you will WALK INTO what others are merely waiting for!


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