Hello March

march-paintHello to all… We Welcome March

I know I know… I have been BUSY. Who am I fooling? MYSELF






Be careful not to say your busy all the time. I tend to do this often.  I was sitting with a mentor and he said let that be the last time you say that your busy, He followed by asking me do you know what that signifies? I said no.  He broke it down.  I placed it above, I encourage you to place this on your mirror and rebuke being under it.  Another, is “Distraction” be careful not to allow yourself to fall into that trap as well.  I have not taken the time to write for sometime now and I come to realize I kept saying “Im so busy”  when I look back Im thinking busy doing what?  That was just a distraction for me to not do what I really need to be doing.

Its not easy balancing out the twenty four hours we have in a day, but we must learn to be good stewards of it as true in fact there is no way God can intrust in us when we are not good stewards.  This is in all areas,  finances, marriages, children, time you name it.  We end up in situations not because of anyone but because we lack in areas that we must attend to instead of wasting time and making excuses always being BUSY.

After, understanding this I really did take a turn to looking more into what am I doing in the twenty four hours a day that God gives me.  Seriously, to the point of saying let me write this out.  Man oh man…. what a joke.  Who am I kidding, no wonder things are not getting done.  Can I say Im a slacker. I refuse to remain in that place especially knowing its Satan’s yoke to keep me from reaching my full potential and living a purpose  filled life. “I WILL NOT BE COMPLACENT”. 

I encourage you today to really evaluate your time.  Write it down from 12am to 12pm what are you doing.  You should be resting but also, calculate that your not over resting as there is such a thing.

Get ahold of a couple of things an accountability partner, a planner.  

Set reminders on your phone, learn to not get involved in everything, evaluate what your doing and being part of.  Are you learning?  Are you growing?  We all have to learn that not everything that is taking place around us is meant for us nor are the people that are around us either.  I have had to learn to become very careful with this.  If its not pushing me to better myself then its just not for me. I need people around me that are going to hold me accountable.  I can’t have people around me that are going to just agree and make me feel comfortable.  That will only take me to a dead end road!

Enjoy and Embrace these words of Wisdom!


Love PJ


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