Because we don’t know

Never pretend to know the plans of God. Many times there is FOG ahead and God tells you that you must trust. On this journey we have to ultimately learn to believe wholeheartedly in whatever it is God wants to do.

This takes me back to my spiritual mother who one day told my husband Miguel “Stop saying I know”. She looked at him and said “You don’t know anything”. This is exactly true with not knowing the plans of God. We must trust as His word says “They are plans of Good”.

In August of 2017 I really thought it was over for me, I was at a breakdown point of my life. I was done I had given up. I went and purged my life into a two bedroom apartment and wept for days as I had accepted the fact that I was to turn forty in just a few weeks.

All I remember hearing was “Janelle Trust the Process”. You can’t give up!.

Eight years ago my husband had been told that He would plant a church and not only that but that we would be called to oversee several Pastors. He was told he was a “Father of Multitudes.” Within His process he doubted and truly said to God your confused that’s not with me…. He had also struggled because He had “So called” Spiritual Fathers that had abandoned Him and as growing up He suffered with His real Dad. Trust was a huge issue.

Well…. not only once or twice was it told to Him, he had received it in His spirit and he had shared that with me and I laughed. “Wow, that’s pretty horrible of me”

I say today “Won’t God do it”. We had the honor to announce today that we have accepted to the Lord bestowing upon us our new spiritual son and spiritual daughter whom have been called to Pastor a local church here in Orlando, Fl. “Regenerated Church”

For Senior Pastors Michael & Christina Rosado the Lord had declared 2018 a year of New Beginnings “8” and a Year of Expansion.

When we had received from God that we where to run along side of them and prepare as well as equip for what is to come I recall saying to one of my other spiritual daughters Yaneisy “I’m feeling like I’m in a FOG” she said Pastor you have to keep on going, even if you can’t see.

This coming Sunday we will perform our first “Ordination Ceremony” I feel so privileged yet I feel so unworthy of such a blessing like this. I always said Lord if you put me in a place like this I promise to give you all the Glory and Honor and I assure you that our spiritual children will shine for your Kingdom.

I’m positive this is just the beginning of what we one day denied and laughed about. I’m positive that God will do something so amazing as we have heard Him say loud and clear “My Kingdom is Advancing”

We don’t take lightly what God has asked of us and or what He is doing at this time or ever, we want to make sure we are representing our Father with Excellence.

As I continue to say We don’t know! We truly don’t know! I shared today with the congregation of how I knew that I knew I had to remain rooted and in the plan of God even when I did not know what He had planned.

I say this to all whom read this… stay rooted, stay in the place that God has told you to remain. Stay no matter what the odds may be. If your wanting to see the true Glory of God in your life you must remain.

With God’s protection and guidance we should be able to conquer fears and live a life full of courage. It is God that commands us to have courage, for having courage means having faith and confidence in Him. Through scripture we can find the courage God desires us to have.

Trust Him!!! He has got a plan! Don’t get impatient, He has got you!

Love PJ


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