Work Out Journal “THE BATTLE”


Uuuuggggghhhhhh!!!  I am soooo “Not” feeling it.

I last worked out on Friday… Today is Tuesday.

I have made every excuse in the book to not go.

Have you experienced these moments… Sure you have we all do. I have to make myself do it.  So on this subject of making myself I find myself thinking of why should I make myself.  That seems complicated!  It’s not.  If I don’t make myself who will make me. Before I know it I will go back to doing nothing at all.  I will make one excuse after another.

This is the same with just about everything in life. I am hoping you did not just judge this book by it’s cover.  Yes, it started out as my work out journal but its much more then just that.  It’s life!

Do we ever ask why we pass these moments where we feel like ugh I don’t know if I want to do this anymore.  We do…. this is why!

  • We are not seeing a RAPID RESULT
  • We are not feeling a RAPID RESPONSE

Look at these truths below:


We must be careful….  as many times we get it all twisted to better convince ourselves that what we are doing what is right for us.

  • I don’t have time
  • I have better things to do
  • I am extremely tired
  • I have the kids that I have to attend to
  • I have to cook or clean
  • I have to study or I have a test / assignment due

All of the above is….


Darn… I sure am,  yes I am looking for every excuse.  It’s not up to anyone but myself to move out of that wasted life. I have twenty-four hours in one day and ONE hour is going to give me the right to make the above excuses.  Don’t think so.

I share with you today if your feeling like me get up and move out…. Get yourself right where it needs to be.  Don’t waste anymore time, the clock is ticking.


Don’t let the enemy fool you! Confront your struggle and get REAL RESULTS!

Love PJ

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