He Calls You Beautiful

Absolutely beautiful! This was one of my journeys learning that there is no competition. That there is no importance to the likes of others Yes it’s nice but it should never be what we depend on because He Calls Us Beautiful and He More then “Likes” us! Keep living to Aspire to Inspire.


My beloved spoke and said to me, “Arise, my darling, my beautiful one, come with me.”
Song of Solomon 2:10

He calls me beautiful.

He calls me by name.

He knows me intimately and intricately.

He hears my cry and understand me.

He is always with me–never forsaking me.

With this in mind it brings me joy.  I can smile, rejoice and be in great comfort.

Many times in life we are only at full confidence if others think highly of us, exalt us, like and love us.  It is certainly wonderful to have that but that should never be the source of our confidence.  We have to become so in love with God that it is superceding to all other relationships and priorities of life.  Imagine–with that concept, that is how He is with us individually and as a body.  Able to extend His vast love for His children.

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