Invite don’t force


What a struggle… when God gives you the gift to see the potential in others and you must learn not to force but to invite.

For a very long time I found myself frustrated until recently I could hear the Lord saying “This has not one thing to do with you”  hear me again “It’s not about You” In this life God gives us each the opportunity to make our very own decisions which will either lead to good or bad.  I can recall being in my very first love with the Lord and wanting everyone to experience what I was experiencing.  I was pretty annoying.  I mean I know I still am annoying but at a level that it’s not me its God whom lives in me.

Today,  I live my life to Inspire others. I feel a great joy when I can pour into a person and they accept what I am giving to help them grow and mature in their walk with Christ.

I had to learn its not by force, its not by might but by the spirit of God. 

You can only invite someone on a journey, they have to want it. They have to desire it in their very own hearts.  I am a women of the age of forty married twenty-two years in April.  We have had our ups and downs, like any marriage. One thing I can say is that I did play that role of “Forcing Him” for a very long time to be who He really did not want to be.  I learned after many years of suffering of being tired of the same old thing that I could turn blue, green, purple and nothing was going to change if “HE DID NOT WANT IT TO CHANGE”. 

Does that give me the right to leave?  To end my marriage…. Absolutely not! Well before the eyes of the Lord I would not be moving in wisdom not one bit.  I had to learn to incline myself to God and say “Lord you are my Husband and I am your Bride” I surrender to you and you only.  I turn over my burdens and my frustrations. I let go and let you take over. Does this take effect overnight… No!

It takes your true dedication to stick with your word to God trusting that He is working things out for your best interest.  I will tell you one thing… He truly has made me a strong women of God. I learned to invite my husband.  This is the direction in which Im heading would you like to come?  That’s it.

His No’s where still my Yes to God.

Not for one moment did I ever steer away from God because of it or him. My relationship grew stronger and stronger. I knew that my relationship with God was for me! Not only for me but for my children who God has entrusted to me.  I had to lead the way, I had to set the example.

Take this and run with it!  Its a great note to self.  This could be used in your marriage, your  leadership, your ministry, your business.

Be Inspired,

Love PJ
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