Dare 2 Dream

3DDA0281-7954-4F02-8C25-87F8E7174615To those who inspire & encourage me,

This past year I was truly inspired to write a book. I’m still believing God for this. It was not tell yesterday that God confronted me again.  I could hear Him say I have told you once and here I tell you again. Many times we take detours and God is saying get back on to my GPS.  We think our plans are better when they are truly far from where God wants to take us.

We allow our minds to create thoughts that are far from true. I even shared with someone yesterday “Well yes I blog” response start writing your book, “But I will need a puplisher” can you read my Excuse in this context. The enemy is a liar! The reply from this absolutely amazing woman of God… you can publish your own book. 

Surround yourself with Believers! Those who Dare to Dream with you.  Those that have a view from up above!

If you feel in your heart to be generous please feel free to plant a seed.


With Love,


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