Im Not Ashamed


No weapon formed against me shall prosper, it won’t work
No weapon formed against me shall prosper, it won’t work
Say No weapon formed against me shall prosper, it won’t work
Say No weapon formed against me shall prosper, it won’t work…

I choose to be AUTHENTIC and Real to the Bone!

I decided to enter into 2018 believing God for every promise spoken upon my life and my household. Because I hold dear to the promises of God I am a threat to the enemy.  The enemy who attempts to sneak up on me every so often as I am sure he does with each one of you who sit and read this blog.  Let’s keep it real… He is always looking to destroy.

How to share this testimony… well here we go.

2016 Ended Rough… 2017 Expansion…. boy o boy!  Truly that is what took place inside of me to the point I thought Im going to explode. I just did not know how far I was going to be pushed.  I knew God had something in store but did not expect what I am experiencing today.  Long story short…. I was in a “Job time”  you know the story of Job in the bible. Did I question God…. Yes!  Out of desperation and frustration. Did I trust God? Well I don’t think I really did not as much as He wanted me to. I believed God…. but don’t we all say “We believe God”  yes we do.  But deep inside that enemy who is called doubt sneaks in to destroy. Yes call him out by his name!

In June of 2017, I found myself in a place that I was not sure I would be able to remain as a minister of the Assemblies of God,  the enemy was trying to knock me out but my spirit was saying No she has “One more round in her”Cristina Mendez of Heaven on Earth Church Orlando, Fl. 


I had to be AUTHENTIC & REAL. I had to surrender. I had to share with those who oversee me in ministry my current status and place.  I was not in a good place. I was in a place to loose it all.  My “Job”Moment.  I was being tested. Tested by God.

Today 01/24/2018 after all this time I have received my clearance.  I am not ashamed to say “Satan you tried but you did not win”  I have the Victory.  For many of you this may not make much sense at all, but it means so much to me to share with you my authenticity.  I share it first to give Glory to God for who He is in my life.  And two to testify and encourage others to believe and see how Faith can arise!!

He is such a good good Father.

I have heard many say why does having a credential even matter, your approved by God that’s enough.  Yes, your right I am approved by God but there is more to that credential. I had never really done that research until I found myself at a point of loosing them.  The moment I received the correspondence that I could actually have them revoked or lapsed.  I will share that there is credibility, transparency, accountability, proper education, authenticity, integrity, stamp of approval by a recognized organization that authorizes the performance of all ordinances and ceremonies of the church, in accordance with applicable federal or state laws. 

You know at that moment of receiving the news that I may loose I could of said well ok… I guess this is Gods will. No its not... Not at all. How in the world after all your preparation would you let Satan step in and fool you.  Many times when we see something complicated or difficult we say “This is not the will of God”   we are so wrong.  What is difficult is from God.  He wants to PROCESS us to the point to see if we will give it up!  You can’t…. you may take sometime to process and regain strength there is nothing wrong with that but you must get back up and get back in!  There is more… there is more!

I pray your encouraged!  I pray your inspired!  Step in…. don’t give Satan the benefit of tormenting you and holding you back!

Love PJ

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