Workout Journal week 2

This is my second week on this journey to put myself in shape. I have been complaining about my weight and also about feeling so tired. I’m not the type to get sick “Thank God” but truly I have been feeling so heavy.

After meeting with a group of women and sharing with one another our strengths and weaknesses I was able to identify a great strength in one of the ladies. It was her discipline to care for herself. She daily works out. I mention to her how would she feel about inspiring a group of us to care for our bodies. Her response was “Let me start with you first” I said ok sure.

Day 1: I honestly saw stars, I had to lay down in the middle of the session to pull myself together. I thought well that’s it. I’m done. No phone, no water call 911.

Just at that moment of thinking call 911 I paused and said “Jesus” I need you to pull me together. Holy Spirit come take control of my body, mind and soul and immediately after I was feeling better.

I share this scary moment because it can happen. And when it does I want you to know where your strength comes from. I could have let this take complete control over me and maybe would have had to be rushed away, but NO Gods power as I called out came over me.

Day 2 & 3 was better….

Day 4 & 5 I was not even trying to do it…. looking for every excuse but felt the guilt in me saying “Remember why you started”

Today was the start of week 2….

I procrastinated to the point that I did not work out till 2:15pm. I was dragging my feet all morning. Lazy…… yep!

Let me share a praise report!!!!

I put on my favorite jeans Sunday and they fit me nicely “Not killing me to the point I’m feeling choked up”

Praise Praise Praise!!

Keep Going!

Press In!

If I can do it, so can you!

#takingcareofme #notgettingyounger #strengthcomesfromtheLord


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