Saving the best for last 1~16~2018

I will be known in your life as the One who saves the best for last. Yes, for so will your latter years will be greater than your former. And your latter days will be more blessed than your beginning. And you shall cry out for the latter rain of My Spirit and I shall raise you up and you shall live in My sight and you will know Me and as the morning light I will come to you as the rain, as the latter rain and the former rain upon the earth. And I have saved the best for last. So, cry out – cry out for the latter rain.

best for last

It is the third day, says the Father, even the third day of Hosea and the third day of the wedding in Cana, and I turn the water into wine and it is the best in the house far surpassing all other vintages coming previously. For the vintage of the previous rain has been of a certain excellence and the coming vintage is of a surpassing excellence unlike any you have known. The master of the wedding feast in Cana brought approval to the bridegroom for the best wine that was saved for last, and My people will bring approval and congratulate their Bridegroom and there will be much celebration and rejoicing for the latter rain has come upon the earth, the great outpouring of My Spirit upon all flesh, bringing revival in the land. The vats of the new wine of this excellent vintage will flow and fill the vessels and new wine-skins to overflowing says the Lord.


#thebestforlast #16of365 #OVERFLOW #NEWWINE #ITSHAPPENING


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