The Lords Hand is Not Shortened 1~12~2018

The Father says today, don’t rationalize away your blessings. Those things the natural mind casts in stone are as nothing to Me. The things you think will never change, those things that have always been with you, hindering you, holding you back are as the small dust of the balance to be swept away in a moment by the work of My hand. The verities and facts that the natural mind never questions comprise the strongholds that hamper your forward progress in My kingdom. It is time to tear those strongholds down, for they are enmity against My plan for your life. Learn to question what the natural mind, the carnal mind never holds up to scrutiny, for it is there I am working to transform and bring change beyond your expectations.

Never take for granted that things will never change. Everything in life is subject to My hand, says God, and I am working to walk you through the path that leads to highest heart’s desire and greatest dream fulfilled. What level of cooperation are you prepared to give Me? How badly do you want to see things improve in your life? Are you willing to relinquish even those things that represent tender affections and personal investments when I call upon you to do so? Learn to obey without demanding to know why. Be willing to comply without an explanation to your natural mind, just knowing in your spirit that I am directing you and correcting you according to My good pleasure and you can therefore trust the end result I have in mind in your behalf.


#12of 365  #HisHand #Wearesustained # Heisfaithful #Godleads #AllowHim



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