Remain Steadfast 1~13~2018

Be steadfast in your faith. Be inveterate in your faith and not in your flesh. The flesh man wants to maintain his grasp upon your mind and your emotions in order to keep you from My best. Refuse to give in to the dictates of the natural man. Know that opinions carry a lethality in them that will rob you of your destiny. I have not called you to have an opinion, I have called you to abide in the vine. When you abide in the vine that I AM, you will bear much fruit. Are you bearing much fruit? Then allow the pruning of opinion to take place in your thinking until only My mind is finding leaf and blossom and substance on the branches of your inner man that are anchored in Me.



When opinions become so heavy that they sink down into your spirit, they become strongholds and offenses. Combat the pernicious influence of self-engendered opinion by developing a love for My word. Alleged truth that draws away from My character and lords over My Spirit within you is no truth at all. Great peace have they who love My word – they shall in NOTHING be offended. Are you offended? Come deeper. You are living too close to the surface where the waves of ungodliness foam out their shame every day of the world. Respond to the “deep calls unto deep” of My Spirit, and come down into the depths where the pure currents of My Spirit will wash and cleanse you for the day ahead and the destiny that awaits all those who steadfastly abide in Me.


#13of365  #steadfast #remaininthatposture #deepcallsuntodeep  #River #spiritlead


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