Starting point 1~11~18

The Father says today, what ELSE could possibly go right? That is the template I am working from in your life! I am all about HEAVEN come to EARTH in your situation, says the Lord. I have no other plan but to bless and increase and promote you. Stop listening to those claiming to represent Me that suggest otherwise. I know that there are things you want to be different, and you are looking to Me as the initiator of that necessary change, but know this: I am the initiator in heaven, but YOU are the initiator on the earth. What am I saying? What I am saying, says the Father, is GIVE ME SOME COOPERATION and I will GIVE YOU SOME CHANGE. The lie of the enemy is that you have done all, paid all, sacrificed all and there is no more for you to do. Reject all such thinking. My kingdom will not come in your life from a posture of passive observing. Things are the way they are because of what you are doing. If you want something different you must DO something different!

What could you possibly do differently than what you are now doing? First and foremost, abandon the self-absorbed, self-interested, misery engendering pity party that the enemy wants to immerse you in. I am the God that brought Jonah out of the belly of the whale. What do you think I might do in your life with one more day, one more hour, one more moment of yielded, consistent, obedient pouring out of yourself in My name to those around you that are languishing in darkness? Your starting point is to get OTHERS-ORIENTED, because what you make happen for others I will make happen for you. Inability to hear and act upon that mandate will set your feet in concrete without a positive way forward, but that is not My will for you. Be a vessel poured out, even emptied out to others in every way possible and I will open the heavens in response and fill you to overflowing beyond your wildest expectations, says God.

#trulyamazedbyGod #11of365 #goaloriented #purposedriven #acceleration #fulfillment


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