Purpose 1~10~2018

The Father says today, your life is not without purpose. Through the apostle Paul, I admonished every believer from the first century down to this very day to walk worthy of the vocation wherewith you are called. There is a call upon your life beloved. There is a mantle for you to receive and cause to rest upon your shoulders. Your life is not a mistake. Your birth was not some random biological happenstance. I brought you into the earth for this hour and this time. The call upon your life is real and it awaits the occasion of your faith and obedience to activate the grace I have released that you might fulfill that call and be found faithful.

What you are intended for in terms of destiny is not something any man can establish for you. I say you are a king and a priest. It is My glory to conceal and your glory as a king under the King of kings to find out, search out, seek out that worthy portion that is yours in the earth to fulfill. I say again that your life is not a misadventure! I have placed within you My immeasurable potential backed by the full resources of heaven that you might and in fact will come to the complete and total manifestation of all that I have intended in you and through you this day. Arise and go! Stand up and move forward and all those things that you think are lacking will be provided as you move out!

#10of365 #mantle #purpose #riseup #moveforward


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