Yes & Amen 1~9~18

The Father says today, hide My “yes” in your heart. All of My promises are yes and amen to you this day. There is no maybe, or perhaps. I am a “yes” God. The death of the cross is My eternal and positive response to the cry of the faith filled heart. When the circumstances of life say “no” – cling to the “yes and amen” of My promise. Never allow questioning, complaining, bitterness or unbelief to rob you of your joy. Know that the eyes of heaven are upon you today. Refuse to be discouraged nor dismayed. Purpose to hope against hope and believe against all notions of unbelief that you will have what I have promised, for I say YES to you this day!

Stand up then, against the mountains of adversity in your life and say, “Be removed!” Refuse to dwell on the circumstance that would seem so overwhelming. My promises in your life set the precondition for victory. My love for you is the determining factor. When your heart is cast down, remember how many times in the past I have proven Myself faithful. I will be found faithful once again. I will deliver and guide and assist you through the current challenge. I am God over the storm, says the Father. I will bring the enemy and all his minions under your feet. I will put your foot in the neck of the one who only comes to kill, steal and destroy. You will know My triumph, says the Father. It was secured 2000 years ago at Calvary.

#yesandamen #hearttoheart #abba #9of365 #Fathersays


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