No to negativity 1~8~18

The Father says today, say no to negativity. Negativity depletes you and will cause you to stumble unnecessarily. Negativity will rob you of the benefit and blessing that is right now ready to come forth in your life. Refuse to embrace the negative! There is no pessimism in the kingdom. There is no characteristic of sarcasm in the character of Christ. Let it not once be named among you. Realize that being negative, or exposing yourself to negative influences or people, will contaminate your spirit. Out of the heart are the issues of life. If you entertain the negative, it will set the preamble for what happens next in your life.

Realize then, that you cannot conduct yourself in an unguarded way around negative people. There are tender friendships and relationships that must change Beloved, if you are to extract the poison of negativity from your inner man. Learn not to answer them again, nor enter into their banter or their conversation. You are not better than them, but you can make a better choice. Choose life, that you might live. Choose the simplicity of spirit like that of a little child. Reject all one-upmanship or dark humor. In so doing, you recover yourself from the snare that many of My sons and daughters have fallen into, never to rise out of again.






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