Provision as in Heaven 1~7~18.

The Father says today, money moves by the Spirit. As your confidence in who I am increases, so you are banking the currency of the kingdom to your account in the glory. I said, I would meet all your needs according to the riches that are in the glory. Where is that glory? It is on the inside of you. In the glory, inside you – in embryo is the answer to every one of your needs and every one of the needs of those around you. Your answers are not coming down from some ethereal dimension beyond your reach. I am on the inside of you and in Me is the potentiality of every single thing that you could ever ask Me for.

There are those who speak in My name that eulogize a poverty for you that they themselves would never volunteer for. They are the congregation of the uniformed. There is no poverty in heaven, so why would I choose poverty to perfect My character in you? My default template for your life is “as in heaven – so on earth…” Can you wrap your mind around just how provisioned heaven is? No shortage, no deficit, no inflation. No want and no need that isn’t answered by the provisioning of My hand. Take what I have given and allow it to flow out in answer to the needs of those around you. Money is like blood. It must flow or atrophy, death and decay results. As you give out of your limited supply, My limitless bounty will find you and flow through you creating surplus in the life of others and in your own life as well. This is banking in the glory.

#lacknothing #Godsprovision #mindset #asinheaven #bankinginglory #7of365 #accerleration #fullfillment


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