Deeper Love 1~6~18

The Father says today, there is no power stronger than love. Stronger than death, deeper than the grave. This is the love wherewith I love you. It was love that sent My son into the depths of the earth to draw you out of many waters. It was love that looked past the layers of sin and defilement and saw who you could be and would be as a New Creation formed by My hand. Love is what surrounds you and embraces you every day from My heart and beckons you to come – deeper still.

Love yourself as I have loved you, says the Father. You cannot love others or extend to others forgiveness and clemency until you first let yourself off the hook. Perfectionism, unrealistic standards are all borne of self-hatred. Learn to see yourself as I see you, in your dependence on Me as a beneficiary of My mercy and lovingkindness. Love those around you. Love those in the workplace, and in your family. Love those you are in harmony with and particularly those who oppose and resist you. Love is who I am beloved. Let love be who you are this day.

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One thought on “Deeper Love 1~6~18

  1. I tend to believe that uforgiveness is a root that binds us and can keep us from walking in peace and victory. I love what you wrote by reminding us to love ourselves as God loves us. The greatest sacrifice of all was so we could be forgiven. If we carry unforgiveness, even for ourselves, isn’t it kind of like me saying that Jesus’ blood wasn’t good enough?
    Yes, forgiveness is a free gift that we choose to accept or not. Jesus paid the ultimate price.


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