Love beyond words 1~5~18

The Father says today, lavish your love on those around you. Love those around you today with extravagant love. In your dealings with others today, I challenge you to overstate your loving heart. Let love be the luxury you rain down upon all you meet this day. Just as I gave you My very best in the gift of My son on Calvary, go out and shower love upon the people in your life. It doesn’t matter whether they deserve it or have earned it, because I freely gave to you when you were undeserving. Freely, or undeservedly you have received of My bounty, therefore freely give without any thought of whether it will be appreciated or recompensed in any way by those you extend kindness to.

You are called to be a saint. My saints are My kind ones. Being saintly is not about adopting a religious air, or appearing to be aloof or other-worldly. Just adopt kindness and generosity as your default response to others that you lead with in every social transaction. Whether you are engaging in matters of great importance, or just casually interacting with strangers in the public square, lead with kindness, deference, civility and grace. Love is who I AM and as such I would that love be that which you personify and extend to others every moment of every day regardless of what is going on in your life otherwise. In so doing, you demonstrate you are My beloved child and I will reward you as such, says God.

#beyondwords #5of365 #recklesslove #authentic #wholeheartedly #notjusttosayit #actions #love #dove #beauty


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