White Noise 1~2~18

The Father says today, relinquish the need to make unnecessary judgments. Say within yourself “I have no opinion about that…” This is the only way to muzzle the carnal mind and make room for the mind of the Spirit I have imparted to you. Handing down opinions on every circumstance and situation that confronts you is a waste of time and a waste of energy. Choose to have no opinion. Relinquish the need to qualify, categorize, fix labels, interpretations, or to evaluate in any way the people, things and situations around you. The white noise of opinion in the back of your mind quenches My Spirit and drowns out My still small voice. Quiet yourself. Hear what I am saying. Refuse to allow the anarchy of your soul to mute the peace that I impart to your spirit.

When you sit in judgment, the gavel not only comes down against your adversary but also delivers you over to the tormentor. The bars and gates of opinion inhibit you from receiving all that is abundantly available to you now. There is no mystical period of time that must transpire before you enter in – there is only the need to clean house and jettison the impurity of those thoughts in your mind that conflict with who I AM and what I am doing. Be willing to extend to others the grace you wish to receive. The blessing and benefit you would withhold from those you disapprove of will never come to you until you relinquish the addictive habit of unfruitful judgments and opinions.

2 of 365


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