1 of 365 ~1.1.18~

The Father says today, this is your season of enrichment. I am fortifying you and strengthening you for the campaign of total victory unfolding before you even now. Step forward with feet shod with My good news. The outcome is assured. Your part is to walk out what I have already provided for, and give evidence of My goodness in the land of the living. There are triumphs coming to you right now for the express purpose of having crowns to cast at My feet. Worship and warfare involve conquest and the spoiling of the enemy. You will lay hold of the spoil of the enemy and bring captives forth to new liberty and victory by your word and by your testimony.

Let the shout of triumph be in your mouth this day, says the Father. All things are new – the old has passed away, no more to impede or hinder you in any manner. Yesterday, last week, last month, last year is rolled up as a scroll and delivered into the archives of heaven. Your focus is to be on your now, and what I am bringing about of My graciousness and My favor in your life and in your situation. Reach out by your obedience and lay hold of all that I have accorded you. The bounty of heaven is at your disposal. The finished work of Calvary is working in your behalf. My “yes” and “amen” are at your side – willing you to move forward in faith knowing as you yield fully to My purpose, My plan, and My Spirit, that everything you say and do will be as effective as if I said it or did it.

Happy New Year


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