Confessed, Unlocked, Released

Let me first start off by saying my intention is never of any harm if not it is to wake a dormant spirit, a spirit that needs to have a true awakening and encounter the freedom of Jesus.

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17

Ending 2017 I’m being led to unlock, confess and release some unfortunate disturbing truths.

2017 was truly for me a year of great “Expansion” meaning the action of becoming larger or more extensive. When the Lord shared this with me I truly did not understand but I accepted. Not for a second did I think it would be as painful as it was.

Many things where lost behind the Expansion process. Many tears, many long nights of my mind pondering thoughts as to what was going to happen next. Many doubts, many struggles, the mind playing tricks with thoughts of failure, even my marriage took a turn that was not so pleasing to have to accept and face. My faith was tried.

But I chose to remain in that place of obedience. The Lord challenged me to go into more intimacy with Him. He led me to the desert to encounter Him face to face. He has revealed so much. I’m sharing this because it’s time many remove the band from their eyes. Don’t be fooled!

  • Not everyone that says they are there for you will really be there for you.

Trust that it’s a God Plan.

  • Not everyone that says they love you, really love you.

Trust that it’s a God Plan.

  • Not everyone that pours into you has the right motives or intentions.

Trust that it’s a God Plan.

  • Not all that are in your circle are meant to stay in your circle. Not everyone that has come into your life is meant to stay in your life.

Trust that it’s a God Plan.

  • Not everyone that comes to bring you a prophetic Word is speaking on behalf of God.

Trust that it’s a God Plan.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Here are a few disturbing things you should know and I would not take lightly.

Social Media is your worst enemy. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… you love it as it fascinates you and even grows ones ego. It’s a dangerous place. It’s destroying marriages, it’s consuming families and escalating suicide rates in our younger generations.

My husband this past year confessed something to me that truly disturbed me and put me in a place where I began to struggle and battle. I also become very careful as to who was speaking over me and what was being said. As you know my husband is a Pastor and ministers along side of me many times behind the scenes I call him my eagle as He can see way before I can. He shared with me several weeks after attending a men’s conference that he found himself in a bad position. He was sitting in a private room with other ministers and they where discussing how it was so easy to call out issues and speak/minister into people especially after scanning over their social media pages. They where able to find out many things that would make it sensitive to the matter and create emotional terminology inside of the person and help grow the platform of the minister. My husband was in total shock. He was so disturbed and after that He really was never the same. It’s been a process for him. But the word over His life is Yes and Amen! The great work that God started in my husband He will finish in my husband. He is man after the heart of God.

Why do I share this… to tell you don’t be ignorant and fooled as you enter into this new year be-careful! Be wise. Ask God for discernment! Learn truly what a Prophetic Word is.

God does not reveal private intimate things to just anyone and when He does He reveals it to you first and then the prophet will bring confirmation.

Don’t be so quick to approve and like every post that’s on your feed. Also be careful that it’s not being of toxin to you.

For me…I’m set apart and I’m sure of this. Not everyone can go where God is leading me just like I can’t go in the direction God may lead others. We can disagree on many things but one thing we must agree on is that it’s the Father’s Will and The Father’s way! I can’t be in agreement with everyone I must assure I’m in agreement with God even if this means loosing friends and loosing family. It hurts but I can’t be a hypocrite with God and I refuse to be a hypocrite with people. I have to live my life knowing that I’m pleasing God. That’s a daily test in itself.

I live to inspire people, but when God tells me this is not correct and I need you to speak on my behalf I’m convinced that God himself has already revealed this to the person and I’m coming along to confirm it. I can’t smile and laugh and accept what God is not in agreement with. Way to many people live with a fear of “well if I don’t agree or if I just don’t take sides then I may loose them”. The question would be at that point… so your willing on losing what God has bestowed upon you! I sure won’t! Nope.

This is why I can understand the true expansion process. Your gonna loose somethings and some people but your gonna gain All of God! It’s worth it… are You agreement.

Words of Wisdom!

Ask God for the gift of discernment.

In Obedience

Gods intentions

Love PJ

#2018yearoffreedom #acceleration #fulfillment


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