Come away my beloved

The Father says today, close the books on the past and walk into the brighter day ahead. Forgive. Release. Bless. Move on. Forget the past. No more need to be right or to prove your point. Quiet the internal dialogue that arises from the backward look and the wistful glance to what could have been our should have been. Listen to My voice calling to you, resonating in the depths of your being saying, “come away My beloved…” Come away to new things and new life and new promise, for that is your portion in Me.

Just stand up and walk away from the prison house of men’s making, says the Father. There is no need to come to any conclusion about what has been. You need only make a choice to refrain from definitions, labels, descriptions, interpretations, analyses and judgments that only bring turbulence and despair. Step into the silence where the atmosphere of heaven usurps by My power every negative influence. People, situations, circumstances that seem so powerful to control your outcome fall to dust and ashes at one word from My mouth. Can you hear the clarion declaration of your liberty going forth from My throne? It is a sound of love and a sound of hope, extended to you this day – launching you into a tomorrow crafted by My hand.


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